Popular Restaurants in Glasgow

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For a perfect holiday in Glasgow, you must know exactly where to eat. Many people ruin their vacation because they have no idea what are the best locations for enjoying delicious meals, and they choose whatever is in their way. In order to not make such a mistake, have a look at the list we made for you of the most popular restaurants in Glasgow.

The Ubiquitous Chip

This restaurant is very popular due to its fantastic contemporary Scottish cuisine. The Ubiquitous Chip has a long history behind, as it was opened in 1971 by Ronnie Clydsedale. It is still run today by the same family, which has done and still does an excellent job. Have a look at the reviews of this location to see how many happy customers it has, which means that you should try it as well.

Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery

If you love seafood and you are in Glasgow, then you need to try this restaurant. It is located on the Dumbarton Road, in the West End of the city. The prawns are very good and so it is the smoked fish paella. Another important thing that you should know about this restaurant is that it has competitively priced lunches and pre and post-theatre menus. Other dishes include field mushrooms, grilled lemon sole, and mignons of the Scotch beef fillet. It is true that a good meal cannot be enjoyed to the fullest if you are alone, and that’s why we recommend you to go for an escort. Glasgow is a city with plenty of escorting companies where you can find beautiful and lovely girls that can keep you company in all the places you want to visit. Therefore, do not spend your time alone and request the services of an escort.

The Gannet

Locals also love very much this restaurant due to its moderate prices and high-quality food. Furthermore, they are also pleased with the atmosphere which is a very pleasant and warm one. If you want some peace and quiet while enjoying a delicious dinner, then you must choose this place. It is a place where couples go more often than groups.

Tarantino Ristorante

If you want to eat Italian then you should take your partner and go to Tarantino Ristorante. The food is absolutely exceptional here as the chefs are Italian and with a strong knowledge of the Italian cuisine, not to mention the high-quality ingredients they use.


Stravaigin is excellent for those who want to eat something delicious and healthy in Glasgow. The interior is a very stylish one with rustic décor, very welcoming and charming at the same time. The open fire creates a romantic atmosphere which makes this restaurant perfect for couples. After a delicious meal, you can try a Scottish coffee or a traditional dessert.

The Hanoi Bike Shop

This casual restaurant is very popular in Glasgow as it has a great serving, good food, and affordable prices. The Hanoi Bike Shop has been opened in 2012, and since then it offers Vietnamese food. The décor consists of wooden benches and bright plastic stools. Do not omit to try their cocktails, as they are absolutely wonderful. At least this is what clients say. However, we are pretty sure that you will have a great time at The Hanoi Bike Shop.

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