Is Glasgow a Must-See City?

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The best city to visit in Scotland is without a doubt, Glasgow. Why do we think that? Because it is not only a very beautiful and clean city with lovely people but also a place with plenty to see and to do. If you are not yet convinced about this then you should have a look at this article in order to find more information regarding this location.

Many Attractions Can Be Visited for Free

This is without a doubt a great advantage. There are not too many cities in the world that offer free entrance for most of the attractions. However, in Glasgow, you can actually visit some beautiful museums art galleries for free. For example, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and the Riverside Museum are opened for both locals and tourists without any cost whatsoever. Glasgow is also the only city in the world that has a concentration of architecture and amazing attractions created by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a very famous Glaswegian architect and designer.

There Is an Impressive Gastronomic Scene

In this city, you will find many high-class restaurants with excellent serving and extremely delicious dishes made by famous chefs. Furthermore, Glasgow is Great Britain’s most vegan -friendly city. You will see that there are so many lovely dishes, that you will not be able to decide what to have. What we recommend you is to start with the traditional ones. Do not forget to have some of the desserts as well. Just make sure you are not following any diet whatsoever.

There Are Loads to Keep You Entertained

In Glasgow, you will not get bored. We guarantee you this. The place has many attractions to see and plenty of activities to choose from. It is also the home to one of the busiest concert venues in the world. The annual calendar includes many festivals, concerts, and more, not to talk about the vibrant sporting spectacles. Other things that will keep you entertained in the city are basement comedy clubs, underground nightclubs, and art house films. As you can see, Glasgow definitely has it all.

You Have the Opportunity to Be Adventurous

If you are an adventurous person and you like spending lots of time outdoors in nature doing lots of amazing things, then Glasgow can definitely satisfy you from this point of view as well. You can either go for wakeboarding or rock climbing. If you love golf, then again you are in the right place as this location has many golf courses such as Royal Troon and The Carrick. The views from these places are amazing and also excellent for all those who want to take some amazing shots. If you are a professional photographer, then in Glasgow you will certainly find some unique spots. All in all, we really think that this is a must-see city as it has so many beautiful and attractive things to offer, things that we have mentioned in this article. Of course that this is not everything but at least you can make an idea.


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