Top 10 Budget Restaurants in Scotland

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Those who are traveling on a budget to Scotland must know that there are plenty of excellent restaurants where they can eat at an affordable price. Most people think that only expensive restaurants offer delicious meals but this is definitely not true. We are going to show you in this article top 10 budget restaurants in Scotland where you can enjoy extremely tasty dishes.

  1. Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, Glasgow

If you go to Glasgow, then you must eat here. The food is not only delicious but quite affordable as well. This is a very colorful and lovely place, very retro decorated with Bollywood posters. It is appreciated for the tasty curry and other specialties such as dhokla, a baked rice with semolina cake.

  1. The Glad Café, Glasgow

At the Glad Café, you can enjoy good Scottish coffee and also have a traditional breakfast. The place has fair prices and high quality. Furthermore, at the Glad Café, you can also have dinner if you want. The menu actually evolves through the day, from Italian food to light meals such as salads or fish.

  1. Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

Young people, in particular, prefer this location. They can have a quick lunch and chat with their friends. You should try the pulled pork and the ribs, as they are incredibly tasty. However, for a real bargain budget tourists must go for the weekday lunchtime takeaway menu.

  1. Yummytori, Edinburgh

In Edinburgh, you should go to Yummytori. The restaurant is specialized in grilled skewers, ramen noodle balls, and yakitori. In the afternoon you have lots of chances to catch a bento box with three skewers, salad, and rice as well only for £6.90 eat-in and £5 takeaway.

  1. Los Cardos, Edinburgh

If you go to this place try the carnitas burrito which is filled with slow-cooked pulled pork. There are other delicious menus as well, but most tourists recommended this specialty as they liked it very much. Therefore, go for it!

  1. Union of Genius, Edinburgh

If you love soups and you want to try some delicious ones at a good price, then we recommend you Union of Genius. The menu includes Moroccan harira, even swede, Ghanaian chicken, and more. You should also try the salads if you want something light.

  1. Kamoon Kitchen, Aberdeen

This location has a Certificate of Excellence, but even if the food is extremely delicious it is very affordable as well. Therefore, it is perfect for anyone who visits the city with a low budget. The menu includes various salads, meatballs, small pastry with cheese and parsley, Batata Hara, Falafel, Hummus, sandwiches, and more. As you can see there is plenty of options to choose from.

  1. Madame Mews Thai Café, Aberdeen

If you like Thai food and you are visiting Aberdeen then you must go to this place. Everything is very cheap and tasty at Madame Mews Thai Café. If you are not hungry then you can stop for a snack and a coffee.

  1. Mozza, Aberdeen

Another budget restaurant in Aberdeen is Mozza. It is Vegetarian-friendly and it also offers Italian food. Everything is at a low price but high-quality.

  1. The Stag, Aberdeen

If you want to eat British and Scottish food for little money, then The Stag is the right location for you. Furthermore, the place is excellent for vegetarians. The ambiance is very lovely and peaceful.



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